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She said January was initially known as as First Landing Day or Foundation Day and early settlers held anniversary dinners to commemorate the occasion. One of main early celebrations was in when Governor Lachlan Macquarie hosted a gun salute to celebrate its th anniversary. Later annual regattas on Sydney Harbour are a popular attraction. But the break was still quite a NSWcentric occasion and other states introduced their own holidays.

Tasmania held a Regatta Day during the early December that jointly acknowledged the landing of Abel Tasman in and its separation from Nsw in . In Western Australia Day Hobart 2019 Australia, Foundation Day on June celebrated the arrival of white settlers in . South Australia s Proclamation Day was held on December with. But the popularity of January did grow and in addition by , Anniversary Day as it ended up being known, was an in all capitals except Adelaide.

Even at this stage, there were reservations about celebrating this day numerous thought NSW s convict origins were better left at any time. The NSW governor Henry Parkes also recognised the day was a reminder to Aborigines of methods they had been robbed . So it wasn t always an obvious option for Australia s national day. After the Commonwealth of Australia was founded in , there was renewed interest in setting a foundational holiday, with the Australian Natives Association trying to locate a suitable date.